There are further dark clouds over the US Open as two-time Wimbledon Champ Petra Kvitova issued a statement. The US Open was already facing issues with the pandemic and protocols. Many players have had concerns with the rules, especially the entourage limit.

Some protocols include regular checks, restrictions in travel, etc. But the top players have huge support staff comprising of coaches, physios, etc. Due to the pandemic, players have been asked to limit their support team, raising certain concerns from the players’ side.

In an interview with BBC, Kvitova clearly stated that with the current restrictions some players won’t go to the Flushing Meadows. The pandemic is still a huge deal in the US and the quarantine rules are uncertain.

“I know a few players will definitely not go if the restrictions are like they are now.”

Speaking on her participation, Kvitova will be assessing the situation further. She would want to know how the pandemic plays in a few weeks and what are the required protocols.

“I’m still thinking of what everything will look like, what the restrictions will be, how many people we can take and if they quarantine us.”

The Czech international finds playing without fans weird. She is skeptical of playing the US Open behind closed doors. Kvitova recently participated in the Bett1 Aces exhibition tournament in Germany, which had fans to cheer the players on.

“Playing without the fans in Grand Slams, I can’t really see it. If that happens and everything is OK I will go for sure to compete but there’s still a chance I will not go. I will decide when I know everything.”

There is a steady rise in uncertainty among players. With no official statement from any authorities, players are losing their patience. Both on the men’s as well as the women’s side, important marquee players are yet to give their confirmation for the Grand Slam.

Matteo Berrettini says he is not yet ready to commit to the US Open, describing the situation in America as ‘really complicated’.

Berrettini enjoyed a major breakthrough at the US Open last year, reaching the semi-finals before losing out to eventual winner Rafael Nadal.

He, though, he joined a growing number of players who appear to be completely in the dark about the potential consequences of playing in America in September.

It is possible that travelling back to Europe fro the US could come with a requirement to quarantine for two weeks, meaning players would not be able to play in the Madrid Masters and Rome Masters – which are big tournaments in their own right as well as key clay court preparation for the French Open.

“I’m gonna go on holiday then I’m going to start practising again,” Berrettini told reporters in Berlin, where he took part in an exhibition event.

“Then I think around next week I’m going to take a decision about Washington and then the US swing, which is really complicated.

“There are things, like I said, that are not really clear yet.

“So with my team I’m gonna have meetings in the next days to decide what’s gonna be my plan.”