Olivia Newton-John is diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

Australian artist and singer Olivia Newton-John is diagnosed with cancer for a third time.

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She revealed to Seven Network Australia throughout the end of the week that the most recent growth was found at the base of her spine in 2017.

Newton-John, who will turn 70 in the not so distant future, was first found to have breast tumor in 1992. Another bosom growth was found in 2013, which had spread to her shoulder.

Confronting tumor for a third time, the artist said she doesn’t enable herself to get frightened, not all that much in any case.

“No, I don’t go there. I would lie in the event that I said I never go there, there are minutes, I am human, so in the event that I enable myself to go there I could without much of a stretch make that huge dread,” Newton-John disclosed to Seven Network. “In any case, my husband is dependably there to help me, and I will get over it, that is my objective.”

Newton-John was a standout amongst the best vocalists of the 1970s, piling on nation pop and delicate shake hits like “I Honestly Love You” and “Let Me Be There.” Both were Grammy victors.

In 1978, Newton-John moved into the pop standard as she featured in the film melodic “Oil” with John Travolta. The combine finished the outlines with the soundtrack single “You’re the One That I Want.”

Newton-John parlayed her new hot picture into a series of hits in the late ’70s and mid ’80s..

The greatest one came in 1981 with the arrival of “Physical.” The single burned through 10 weeks at the highest point of the U.S. pop graphs.

The four-time Grammy champ’s melodic vocation never achieved that level of progress again.

In the succeeding years, she concentrated on her family, business, visiting and philanthropy works, a significant number of them identifying with disease, as indicated by Allmusic.com.

Newton-John introduced her journal “Don’t Stop Believin'” this week.

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